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Our services include holistic techniques that enable the use of energy and natural health remedies to help with stress management, weight management, depression, anxiety, self esteem and overall health, harmony and balance.  We provide guidance for spirituality, life coaching and integrative therapy. In addition we provide workshops and certification in holistic modalities.

Holistic Coaching – Open teaching and guiding. Assisting you to find your answers to your questions. This approach is not a cookie cutter approach, each individual needs to have an detailed intake appointment to create an individual plan. We look from the Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual approach. We look at your 4 elements, We assist you in opening you up to your calling and finding your answers. (Cost: $75 per hour, $90, 90 minutes.)

Metaphysical Counseling – Encouraging your movement forward with a deep understanding energy and how it effect you whole life. Learn tools on how to recognize mood change, understand what is happening and how to redirect it and create an outcome that will be life changing for you, your family friends and coworkers.  (Cost: $75 per hour, $90, 90 minutes.)

Integrative Counseling – This work is a mixture of table work and counseling to find the issues, the answers and to create the plan. Your appointment can be a combination of Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Counseling, or Metaphysical Counselling and Craniosacral. Each appointment is very different and the results are for you to take into your daily life and use. (Cost: $75 per hour, $90, 90 minutes.)

CranioSacral Therapy – CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of the craniosacral system, which is comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. It helps with many ailments, disorders and injuries, and is known to compliment acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic treatments, dental and orthodontic wand in children it has been proven to help with: dyslexia, ADHD, colic, learning disabilities, autism, chronic ear infections, and hyperactivity. (Cost: $40 30min, $70 60mins, $105 90 mins)

Crystal Reiki – Reiki by itself can be amazing; adding Crystal energies to the mix can create a wonderful healing experience. Both reiki and crystals can help the body heal inside and out.  They balance the body and release emotional and spiritual blocks, which speeds the healing process. Crystals amplify reiki-healing energy.  (Cost: $40 30min, $70 60mins, $105 90 mins)

FEFT(Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations) is a methodology that consists of numerous cutting-edge techniques and processes that integrate the most effective elements of EFT, BSFF, NLP, spiritual understanding, science, and the mind’s great ability to transform itself. With this great mix of understandings, FEFT can quickly transform how you represent your past, shift your emotional disruptions and restore your physical health. FEFT addresses the entire mind/body system, which includes what you think and how you process your thoughts, along with the body’s response. It is a self-empowering system that gives you control over your past, present and your future, all while being fast, direct and to the point. (Cost: $40 30min, $70 60mins, $105 90 mins)

To be added soon!- Hypnotherapy – To bring peace to our lives and find guidance from our intuition, it’s imperative that we learn how to listen within. These gentle guided meditations with positive suggestions assist in relaxation to help you attain your goals. Our hypnotherapists have seen lots of amazing results from watching clients reach their goals of quitting smoking, losing weight, overcoming the fear of flying, reading faster, improving their golf game, halting hair loss, all the way to reaching their goal of winning a car and more!  (Cost: $40 30min, $70 60mins, $105 90 mins)

Reiki – Reiki when broken down into its Japanese roots is “Rei” which means universal, and “ki” which means life force energy. It is an ancient healing/harmonizing touch therapy rapidly becoming recognized among health practitioners. Physics tells us that energy exists and moves first – matter follows. There is usually a disturbance in the energy systems of the body first. This eventually starts to bring about the physical changes that eventually become the `disease’. Our body is composed entirely of energy at different levels of vibration. The slowest vibrations make up the bones. The higher vibrations go through the spectrum of the muscles, organs and blood until we arrive at even higher vibrations that make up our energy system (chi, Qi, prana, ki, etc.).

Once this energy system is thrown into disharmony, it starts to manifest changes in the body/mind. These changes eventually lead to disease as we recognize it. (Cost: $40 30min, $70 60mins, $105 90 mins)

Integrative – Integrative Therapy is a combination of life coaching with energy treatments which can include; Reiki, crystals, aromatherapy, metaphysical readings or a combination of several. Intuitive work determines the needed combination. (Cost: $40 30min, $70 60mins, $105 90 mins)

Ionic Footbath – The Ionic Footbath is a footbath into which an ion-producing array is introduced. This is coupled to a power unit, which generates a low voltage electrical current – with both positive and negative polarities. The conductivity of saline water working together with the positive and negative polarities produces a detoxification effect. This detoxification is based on the bio-energetic stimulation of the different tissues, organs and systems thus carrying out their natural detoxifying process better. The final result is a stimulation that allows the attainment of balance and better health.

The deposit of products in the water, color change, and release of gases has a relation to the body. The bio-stimulation, which restores energy and balance, eases tension in certain areas and re-establishes energies previously blocked. This then helps the body’s organs to function correctly. In other words, by recharging the batteries, each organ can get back to its optimum efficiency. (Cost: $60 30mins or 6 sessions for $300)

Life Coaching – We offer life coaching that specializes in goals/prosperity, spirituality, clearing blocks, forgiving, getting the self clear, lifestyle changes, energy work, connecting with deceased loved ones, soul messaging and intuitive. (Cost: $40 30min, $70 60mins, $105 90 mins)

Only Aroma-Touch at this time- Massage– We offer multiple types of massage modalities, including: sports, deep tissue, Swedish, lymphatic, pregnancy, trigger point, as well as reflexology and CranioSacral. In addition to the feel-good and rejuvenation benefits many clients experience from massage, controlled clinical studies have demonstrated additional results of increased levels of dopamine, serotonin natural killer cells, and lymphocytes in cancer patients; increased vagal activity in pre-term infant growth and development; and reduced lower back pain and sleep disturbance. (Cost: $40 30min, $70 60mins, $105 90 mins)

To be added- Reflexology – Reflexology is a complementary, biological, integrative health science, through which pressure is applied to reflex areas, formed by 7,200 nerve endings in each hand, foot, and ear, encouraging improved instruction to each and every single gland, organ and part of the body, thus allowing and encouraging the body to biologically correct, strengthen, and reinforce itself, to reach balance, normalization, and homeostasis, … and clients typically report feeling relax and rejuvenated. (Cost: $40 30min, $70 60mins, $105 90 mins)

Ear Coning – Ear coning, also known as ear candling, is a therapy that dates back to 2500 BC. It involves the use of a hollow cloth “candle” which is coated with beeswax. The tapered end of the candle is gently placed in the opening of the client’s ear canal forming a seal, while the other end is lit creating a small flame. The ear and surrounding area is covered to protect from falling ash. Warm smoke travels down into the ear canal, and warms the pores. The smoke softens the wax inside the ear and, due to lack of air, creates a “vacuum”. This draws impurities such as wax, yeast, and dried skin out of the ear and into the candle. (Cost: $60 45mins)

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